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Welcome to the pinnacle of sophistication and practicality with our curated range of fixed awnings and solar shades. More than mere products, these are tailored solutions crafted to transform your windows and entryways into statements of style and comfort.

Shade and Style Harmonized

Delve into the world of aesthetic comfort with our meticulously designed fixed awnings. From the rock-solid Square-Welded to the sculpted elegance of Dome Awnings, each option is a sophisticated touch that elevates your home’s appeal.

Tech Specs

Dome Awnings: Elegance Redefined

Sculpted marvels that redefine elegance for your doors and windows. Structurally the strongest, their curvature in both vertical and horizontal planes creates a soft, engaging appearance. Offering protection from rain and the sun, Dome Awnings balance beauty and functionality seamlessly.

Pull-Up Window Awnings: Versatile Elegance

Pull up awnings

Designed for seasonal shade and weather protection, our Pull-Up Window Awnings offer versatility and affordability. Operate them with a simple rope and pulley system, allowing you to adjust shade levels while maintaining an outward view.

Square-Welded Awnings: Rock-Solid Sophistication

Fixed welded window awnings

Fixed in place, these awnings combine solidity with classic styling. Enhance your home’s curb appeal with rock-solid, functional awnings. Choose from our extensive fabric selection to ensure your awning complements your unique style.

Drop-Arm Retractable Awnings: Adjustable Simplicity

Drop arm awnings

Lightweight and adjustable, Drop-Arm Retractable Awnings provide a versatile shading solution. Utilizing a spring-loaded fabric roll and swivel arms, these awnings offer great adjustability. Set the perfect shade level and retract fully for an unobstructed view, ideal for changing seasons.

Convex Awnings: Year-Round Elegance

Convex Awnings

Designed to withstand all seasons, Convex Awnings soften a building’s appearance or complement existing architectural features. Their year-round durability ensures lasting beauty while providing an attractive look.

Solar Shades: Beyond Awnings, a Lifestyle Upgrade

Architectural evolution meets lifestyle enhancement with our Solar Shades. Acting as a second skin for your facades, these shades offer more than just sun protection—they bring shelter, privacy, and innovation to your living spaces. Tailored to meet different needs and preferences, our Solar Shades offer high adaptability and elegance for every setting.

Experience the trusted difference with Patio Systems. Elevate your lifestyle with shading solutions that go beyond expectations!

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